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In the golden autumn, the first CIIE is being promoted orderly, of which a series of roadshow activities served by BoCom have been officially kicked off.

On October 10 2018, the inauguration of the roadshow of CIIE served by BoCom and activities in Shanghai were held in Shanghai Tower. Mr. Hou Weidong, Executive Vice President of BoCom, Mr. Fu Wanjun, Executive Director of Corporate Business Sector, Mr. Xu Han, Executive Director of Retail Business Sector, and Mr. Xu Bin, General Manager of Shanghai Branch, attended the event. Key enterprises included in the four major buyers' alliances in Shanghai, including Orient International (Holding) Co., Ltd., Donghao Lansheng (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Greenland Business Group Co., Ltd., Bailian Group Co., Ltd., and Bright Food (Group) Co., Ltd., and over 60 customer representatives were invited to the event.

Mr. Hou Weidong, Mr. Fu Wanjun, Mr. Xu Han, Mr. Xu Bin, and representatives of enterprises jointly lit up the start button to unveil the initiation ceremony of the roadshow. The roadshow is one of the key activities of the first CIIE supported by BoCom. 11 roadshows will be held throughout the country.

1Create "6+365"
Nonstop outstanding services

Mr. Hou Weidong said in his speech that BoCom, as one of the banking groups with the most complete operating licenses in the domestic financial industry, has set up 37 provincial branches in the country and 21 overseas branches, subsidiaries, and representative offices in 16 countries or regions, and owns seven non-banking subsidiaries. In order to serve the first CIIE, BoCom has attached great importance and paid full attention to the event, taken advantages of domestic, overseas, off-shore, and onshore businesses, and adopted the creative and collaborative "6+365" service model.

Mr. Hou stated that, during the six-day exhibition period, BoCom will take its geographic advantage to provide exhibitors, buyers, and other participants with distinguishable financial services like consultancy of policies, one-stop account service, convenient exchange of foreign currency, and hall priority services, making sure that banking businesses are processed in a more effective and convenient manner. After the six-day exhibition, BoCom will continue to offer quality services. Through the creative and collaborative "online + offline" service model, it will rely on domestic and overseas branches around the world, create the new omni-channel, light-weight, and smart service model, open up green channels for enterprises, and serve customers all year round.

2Tailor-made solutions
Enhanced customer experience

While fully leveraging its geographic advantages and business features, BoCom actively meets the needs of businesses and offers services for CIIE.

Mr. Fu Wanjun held that in order to help customers quickly and comprehensively understand cross-border financial services, BoCom launched the Manual on Cross-border and Domestic Financial Products. From the perspective of CIIE buyers, it has selected and introduced five categories of products closely related to the settlement of import transaction (including account services, cross-border settlement, trade finance, cross-border guarantee, treasury transactions) and focused on the applicability and features of the products so that buyers can understand cross-border products in a fast and thorough manner.

Meanwhile, the Manual also includes new businesses developed or launched by BoCom in recent years, including innovative products like full-pay outward remittance, multi-currency outward remittance, customs L/G, RMB options and portfolio, forward, and interest rate swap (IRS), in order to provide buyers with more diversified and complete choices.

Mr. Xu Han said that, in recent years, BoCom has actively explored the applications of artificial intelligence in banking business, centered on customer experience, and promoted the intelligent transformation of banking services and operation procedures from an omni-channel perspective to create considerate mobile financial service ecosystem, and better provide comprehensive and integrated online and offline financial services to CIIE. Furthermore, by establishing online personal finance platforms, such as Mai Dan Ba (a payment app) and Jiao Bo Hui (literally BoCom's exhibition services), BoCom can seamlessly connect corporate and personal services for CIIE, provide buyers with smooth and diversified downstream sales channels, share world-class goods and services of CIIE to the public, and truly meet people's growing needs for a better life.

3Expo-exclusive products
Value creation via professional services

In order to further facilitate business negotiations and transactions between overseas exhibitors, and domestic as well as international buyers, BoCom Shanghai Branch will launch a series of activities on cross-border financial products for participating entities in the CIIE.

Mr. Xu Bin expressed that, as the branch in the city where BoCom's headquarters is located and where CIIE is held, Shanghai Branch will fully utilize BoCom's advantages of a full set of financial licenses and international status to provide domestic buyers and overseas exhibitors with supporting financial services, ranging from customer reception at CIIE, business negotiation, contract signing, payment settlement, customs declaration and delivery of goods. In the meantime, the branch will make special offers on handling charges for new account opening, cross-border settlement, and currency exchange, reducing the costs of participants, benefiting customers, and supporting the great event.

As the only large state-owned bank headquartered in Shanghai, while serving CIIE, BoCom will consider the needs of business globalization of enterprises to continuously optimize its service solutions. It strives to provide participating enterprises and buyers with quality, efficient and distinctive financial services, and contribute to the success of CIIE.