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Our Services

According to the varied needs of domestic buyers, overseas exhibitors, and other participants of CIIE, BoCom has designed "6+365", a comprehensive, full-time, and exclusive financial service solution to ensure uninterrupted and quality service and customer satisfaction.

● Exhibition services

During the six-day exhibition period, BoCom leverages on advantages of its headquarters in Shanghai to provide exhibitors, buyers, and other participants with the consultancy of policies, one-stop account service, convenient exchange of foreign currency, and hall priority services to ensure the smooth operation of CIIE.

● Exclusive services for cross-border trade

Once an exhibitor and a buyer reach a trade intention, BoCom can provide supporting financial services, including trade settlement, trade finance, hedging, value preservation, financing, and credit enhancement, at each stage of the transaction, including signing of contracts, payment, customs clearance for import, and picking up of goods.

● Routine supporting services

In addition to exclusive services for cross-border trade, BoCom endeavors to leverage industry-leading and comprehensive financial service platforms and growingly mature global service ability, target at the characteristics of exhibitors and buyers, and provide quality and complete routine supporting services to meet customers' financial needs in financing, payment settlement, cash management, wealth management, and personal services.