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Our Strengths

● BoCom boasts extensive experience in serving large exhibitions

In 2010, the world-famous World Expo was held in Shanghai. As a global partner of World Expo, BoCom supported the "successful, exciting, and memorable" event with its comprehensive financial services and outstanding performance of "zero error, zero complaint, and zero accident".

Canton Fair with a history of over six decades is an epitome and symbol of China's opening to the outside world and unique window into China's economic development. For years, BoCom has constantly provided comprehensive financial support to Canton Fair and "one-stop" convenient services to domestic and international exhibitors, and has been well received.

● BoCom has two major advantages: internationalization and integration

Relying on the BoCom Strategy of "internationalization, integration, and wealth management", BoCom gives full play to the Group's global service network and integrated operation, provide buyers, exhibitors and individuals with cross-domain, multi-channel and diversified financial support, and efficiently meet the financial needs of participants.

BoCom has established 21 overseas branches, subsidiaries, and representative offices in Asia, America, Europe, and Oceania. Currently, preparations are underway for new branches in Toronto, Prague, and Johannesburg. The overseas footprint will cover the five continents in the future.

BoCom has basically completed its comprehensive financial layout, covering trust, securities, fund, insurance, and leasing and other financial licenses. BoCom's domestic and overseas branches will cooperate with group members such as Bank of Communication Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., China BOCOM Insurance Co., Ltd., BOCOM Financial Asset Investment Co., Ltd., BOCOM International Holdings Co., Ltd., Bank of Communications Schroder Fund Management Co., Ltd., Bank of Communications International Trust Co., Ltd., and BoComm Life Insurance Company Limited to provide cross-border and cross-market financial services to participants.